APEIMS 2009 Program
Dec. 14          
09:00-09:20 Welcome Address   Session Chair: Dr. Hark Hwang
    Dr. Takashi Oyabu (Chair of APIEMS 2009 Conference)  
    Dr. Kozan Erhan (President of APIEMS)  
09:20-10:40 Plenary Talk    Session Chair: Dr. Mitsuo Gen
  09:20-10:00 Dr. Michel Baudin (Takt Times Group, USA) Lean Manufacturing: Where it’s been, where it’s going, and how I got involved
  10:00-10:40 Dr. H.O. Günther (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)   Supply Network Planning and Advanced Planning Systems
10:50-12:30 MA-C1 Manufacturing Industry   Session Chair:  Dr. Chengter Ho
  125 Roongrat Pisuchpen and Nipa Chongchoho Development of Decision Support Software for Production Scheduling of Glass Industry
    281 Ling-Lang Tang, Ming-Tsang Lu, Yu-Hui Tang and Chih-Ming Hsu The Effect of Environmental Strategic Orientations on Green Innovation in Manufacturing Industry
    510 Jeonghoon Shin, Youngjae Choi , Seokwoo Lee,  Honzong Choi and Kwangyeol Ryu I-manufacturing based collaboration strategy in mould & die industry
  79 Chuan-Jun Su and Tzu-Yi Lin Toward Effective Global Sourcing – A Mobile Multi- Agent Information Infrastructure for the Textile and Apparel Industry
    120   Cher-min Fong, Hoang Linh Nguyen and Chengter Ho   International Expansion Strategy of Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry - A Knowledge-Based Perspective
  MA-D1 Logistics Management   Session Chair: Dr. Thananya Wasusri
    91 Horng-Huei Wu and Wei-Ta Jen A Methodology to Release the Inventory Shortage Impact for Prolonged Replenishment Frequency for TOC Supply Chain Replenishment Systems
  33 Thananya Wasusri and Kanokporn Surakarnkha The Study for Development of Logistics Network to Support North-South Economics and East-West Economics Corridor
    165 Bai-Sheng Chen and Yi-Hsuan Chen A Freight Fee Adjustment Model for Third-Party Logistics Firms Operating Under the Floating Oil Price Mechanism
    111 Ming-Lang Tseng and Chi-Horng Liao Using a grey triangular fuzzy numbers for decision making of supplier evaluation
  379   Jirapat Wanitwattanakosol, Phatchari Nimsrikul, Apichat Sopadang and Pongsak Holimchayachotikul   Performance Improvement of Selection the Freight Logistic Hub in Thailand by Coordinated Simulation and AHP  
  MA-E1 Algorithm Design and Optimization   Session Chair: Dr. Yun-Chia Liang
  416 Yun-Chia Liang, Yueh-Chuan Yin, Chi-Chun Lao An Application of Continuous Ant Colony Optimization for Multi-level Thresholding
    417 Josue Rodolfo Cuevas Juarez, Hung-JieWang, Yi-Chieh Lai and Yun-Chia Liang Virus Optimization Algorithm (VOA): A Novel Metaheuristic for Solving Continuous Optimization Problems
    418 Yun-Chia Liang, Chia-Yin Chuang and Min-Hua Lo Variable Neighborhood Search for Multi-Objective Resource Allocation Problems
  419 Yun-Chia Liang, Angela Hsiang-Ling Chen and Shu-Yu Lin Variable Neighborhood Search for Portfolio Optimization Problems
    451 Chettha Chamnanlor and Kanchana Sethanan Mixed integer programming models for scheduling hybrid flowshop with unrelated machines and time windows constraints
  MA-F1 Scheduling Algorithm Design    Session Chair: Dr. Reiko Hishiyama
  61 Sumeyye Samur and Serol Bulkan An LPT based heuristic with release time constraint for makespan minimization in parallel machines
  80 Seung-Dae Kim, Bong-Joo Jeong and Young-Jin An Heuristic algorithm for nurse assignment and visit scheduling in a home healthcare system
  374 Kazuya Hamaguchi, Noriaki Shiraishi, Hiroyuki Matada, Toshiki Hanaoka and Reiko Hishiyama Algorithm for Freight Car Inspection Scheduling
    149 Yuan Li and Erhan Kozan Rostering Ambulance Services
    513   Wisut Supithak, Parinya Kaweegitbundit and Anot Chaimanee   Memetic Algorithm for Flow Shop Scheduling Problems under the Just-In-Time Philosophy
  MA-G1 Business Management   Session Chair: Dr. Shu-Fang Lai
    266 Kenji Watanabe, Kyoka Kawasaki and Iduru Hayashi Evaluating resilience with business continuity management (BCM) and its effects on corporate value
    47 Tsung-Yi Chen and Yuh-Min Chen An Innovative Knowledge Business Model
    176 Takashi Moriyasu, Guowei Zu and Hiroshi Tsuji Business Collaboration Support for Offshore Software Development
  225 Cheng-Wen Chang and David Ming-Huang Chiang Positioning firms in business networks
    270   Shu-Fang Lai, Ying-Chien Hsiao and Jia-Yu Wu   The Research on Traveler Acceptance of New Bicycle Tourism Business Model
  MA-H1 TFT-LCD Manufacturing   Session Chair: Dr. Taho Yang
    455 Wu-Der Jeng, Meng-Shiun Tsai, Lung-De Gau, Pu-Wen Chen and Jia-Hang Tsai Consecutive scheduling for the array and cell processes of TFT-LCD manufacturing
    456 Wu-Der Jeng, Jian-Sung Tzeng and Sheng-Luneng Jeng LP based programming model for the demand management and capacity planning of TFT-LCD manufacturing
  516 Chiung-Hsi Hsieh, Taho Yang and Wei-Cheng Ge A study on the virtual cellular manufacturing strategy for TFT-LCD Array process
  536 James T. Lin, I-Hsuan Hong, Tzu-Li Chen and Kai-Sheng Wang A multi-site available-to-promise model for TFT-LCD manufacturing
    543   Choi, S-W and Lee, J-S   Integrated solution for automated manufacturing at a serial-process of clean and diffusion in a 300mm LSI Logic wafer Fab: A Case at Korean semiconductor manufacturing company
  MA-I1 Multiple Criteria Decision Making   Session Chair: Dr. Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
    256 Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng,Meng-Chung Kuan,Yao-Feng Chang Combined DEMATEL with a novel MCDM model for Exploring the Implementation of Project Management Office
    259 Wen-Shiung Lee, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng and Chiao-Ming Cheng Using novel MCDM Methods Based on Fama-French three-factor model for probing the stock selection
    571 Yi-Chun Chen, James J.H. Liou and Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng Using a hybrid MCDM model to evaluate the environmental impacts of regional shopping centers
    573 Mei-Chen Lo and Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng Hybrid MCDM for Promoting Information Quality
  381   Cheng-Hsiung Chen and Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng   Combined DEMATEL Technique with a Novel MCDM Method for Creating the Aspired Intelligent Assessment System of Mandarin Chinese Teaching Material
  MA-J1 Service Systems and Management   Session Chair: Dr. Hyuck-Moo Kwon
    117 Chih-Neng Yang and Amy H. I. Lee A Study of Evaluation Factors for After-School Programs Based on Service Quality
    249 Jang Hyeon-Ae, Kwon Hyuck-Moo, Lee Woon-Seek, Koh Shie-Cheun, Koo Pyung-Hoi, Kim Young-Jin, Kim Min-Soo and Kim Byung-Nam Case study of developing a service science curriculum for undergraduate students based on field survey
    133 Jui-Chin Jiang, Paul Sun, An-Jin Shea Six Cognitive Gaps by Using TRIZ and Tools For Service System Design
  238 Chiao-Chen Chang, Yang-Chieh Chin, Chiun-Sin Lin and Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng Predicting Self-Service Technology Intention: An Empirical Test of Competing Theories
  399   Chi-Kuang Chen, An-Jin Shea, Kuo-Ming Wang and Chang-Hsi Yu   Developing a TRIZ-Based Service System Diagnostic Model For Aging in Place
13:30-15:10 Tutorial Talk I     Session Chair: Dr. Hark Hwang
    Dr. Hans-Otto Günther and Dr. Mario Lueb
      (Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany)
  The “Frutado Case”: An interactive training tool for introducing Advanced Planning Systems in educational institutions
  MP-C2 ERP and APS   Session Chair: Dr. Katsuhiko Takahashi
  257 Shu-Chen Hsu, Tien-Chin Wang and Chiao-Yen Wu Evaluating the optimal ERP supply based on the Group Decision Making Matrix
  394 Jing Sun,Kinnya Tamaki, Munenori Kakehi, Ichie Watanabe, Obuaki Ishii and Masayuki Matsui A Design of Graduate Education System of ERP Project Management
    490 Roheena Khan, Malcolm Corney, Andrew Clark and George Mohay A Role Mining Inspired Approach to Representing User Behaviour in ERP Systems
  44 Hiroshi Ohtaka, Koichiro Oshika, Masashi Gotou and Yoshiaki Fukazawa Study on Improvement of Dependability of IT Services for Social and Economic Infrastructures 
    364   Katsumi Morikawa, Yusuke Deguchi, Katsuhiko Takahashi and Daisuke Hirotani   Introducing a common component and extending the order matching rule in make-to-forecast production
  MP-D2 Supply Chain Management I   Session Chair: Dr. Imam Baihaqi
    203 Mauricio F. Blos, Simon Wu and H. M. Wee Using a Risk Assessment Diagnostic System Approach to Supply Chain Risk Management
  438 Tuanjai Somboonwiwat and Walailak Atthirawong Re-engineering of Business Processes in the Integrated Supply Chain of Fine Gemstones and Jewelry Industries in Thailand
    132 Chinyao Low and Yahsueh Chen The Performance Evaluation of Supply Chain by System Dynamics Modeling
    23 Sataporn Amornsawadwatana Enhancing Supply Chain Performance of the Ceramic Industry in Thailand
  439   Imam Baihaqi,  Nicholas Beaumont and Amrik Sohal   The empirical study of the impact of information sharing in supply chains on organizational performance
  MP-E2 Operations Research and Optimization   Session Chair: Dr. Hirokazu Kono
    15 Sorawit Yaoyuenyong A Search-Based Algorithm for the Multi-Dimensional Vector Packing Problem
  201 Hirokazu Kono Evaluation of Safety for Multiple Investment Alternatives over Multiple Periods with Consideration of Capacity Surplus and Shortage
    10 Kazuhiro Takeyasu and Keiko Nagata Estimation of Smoothing Constant of Minimum Variance Searching Optimal Parameters of Weight
    461 Suebsak Nanthavanij, Rachasak Somyanonthanakul and Chorkaew Jaturanonda Approximation Algorithm For Multiple-criteria New Employee Recruitment Problem With Weighted Average Competency GAP
    217   Yoshihiro Uno and Naoki Hirabayashi   Facility Layout Method using Evolution Strategies with Correlated Mutations
  MP-F2 Machine Scheduling   Session Chair: Dr. Kazuko Morisawa
    468 Sukoyo, TMA Ari Samadhi, Bermawi P. Iskandar and Abdul Hakim Halim Batch scheduling for a single machine processing parts of a single item with dependent setup time to minimize total actual flow time
    489 Kanchana Sethanan and Sasikan Phutthala Heuristics for Rescheduling to Minimize Total Costs with Sequence Dependent Setup Times on Single Machine
  216 Satoshi Hiyama, Kazuko Morizawa and Hiroyuki Nagasawa Dynamic Robust Optimal Schedule with Rescheduling Following Scenario Change to Minimize Mean Flow Time in Single Machine Scheduling
    188 Anchalee Supithak Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem in Multi-Item on Parallel Machines Operational System for Smoothing Batch-Type Production
  127   Roongrat Pisuchpen and Atiwat Meesomwang   A Simulation of Hybrid Heuristic and Subcontract Strategies in a Job Shop 
  MP-G2 Electronic Management   Session Chair: Prof. Supphachai Nathaphan
  2 Jen-Ming Chen, Hung-Liang Cheng, Tang-Yeh Wang and Mei-Chen Chien On Channel Coordination under Revenue Sharing Contract: Can eBay’s fee structure coordinate the channel?
    24 Hiroyuki Kawaguchi and Seiichi Komiya Depression Factor of Availability of Motor-OSS Depends on the Aspect of the Incentive by Using the Persona Concept.
  311 Mei-Fang Chen and Ting-Yi Lu The Mediating Role of Consumers’ E-Coupon Proneness in the Extended TPB Model to Predict E-Coupon Usage Intentions
  409 Shu-Fei Yu, Dengchuan Cai, Lanling Huang, Lijun Yeh and YiHua Liu A concept design on intelligent multifunction light electronic vehicle (LEV) for homecare
  413   Supphachai Nathaphan and Sarayut Nathaphan   Minimum Energy Performance Standards Requirements for Ballasts in Thailand
  MP-H2 RFID Design   Session Chair: Dr. Yong-Han Lee
    400 Chiao Tzu Huang, Shu Jen Wang, W.L. Wang and Yung Sheng Wang Construction of an Online RFID Enabled Applications Reliability Monitoring Model with Fault Tree Analysis
  289 Jiho Kwak, Yongshin Kang and Yong-Han Lee Implementation of a Modeling and Simulation Tool for Supporting RFID-based Information System Design
  316 Sojung Kim, Yongshin Kang, Kyongwon Son, Yong-Han Lee and Jongtae Rhee Performance Modeling of EPC Information Service System
  196 Chuan-Jun Su, Bo-Jung Chen and Chun-Wei Peng Smart Community Care System: Ambient Intelligence Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Mobile Agent
  360   Chen-Yang Cheng, Wen-Kuan Wang and Chia-Hui Lai   Enabling Concurrent Engineering through RFID technology
  MP-I2 System Analysis I   Session Chair: Dr. Chi-Hyuck Jun
    271 Chwen-Yea Lin and Chien-Chung Tu A Longitudinal Study on Micropayment Card Adoption
    306 Wunching Chang and Chun-Hsien Chen Iterative Design Analyzer (IDA): A Mathematical Model For Design Iteration Analysis
  244 Shi-Woei Lin and Ming-Tsang Lu Investigation of Range Sensitivity of Attribute Weight in Analytic Hierarchy Process
  313 Mei-Fang Chen Trust in the Food Supply System Segmentations of Taiwanese Consumers
    182   Jeonghwa Lee, Youngrok Lee and Chi-Hyuck Jun   A Biclustering Method for Time Series Data Analysis
  MP-J2 Industrial Ergonomics Design   Session Chair: Dr. Akihiko Seo
    38 Zahari Taha, Hartomo, Yap Hwa Jen, Raja Arifin Raja Ghazilla and  Norhafizan Ahmad The Ergonomics Virtual Reality Station Design (ErgoVR)
  178 I-Chu Liao, Shuyi Luo, Yu-Chun Liu and Pihan Chen An Ergonomics study on Ballet Pointe Shoe
    533 Z. Taha and M.Z. Muhammad Evaluation of corporate initiatives in ergonomics: Effectiveness of ergonomics training in an oil and gas refinery company
    29 Cheng-Lang Kuo and Bor-Shong Liu Incorporating Ergonomics into Redesign of Head-mounted Strap with Night Vision Goggle
    345   Hiroki Minami, Takahiro Nishimura, Akihiko Seo and Kouki Doi   Development of a new method for ergonomic usability and workload evaluation for digital human
15:20-17:00 MP-C3 BOM and Production Lot   Session Chair: Dr. Kinnya Tamaki
  309 Masahiro Arakawa Development of Information System for Product Design with Evaluating Assembly Process and Characteristics of Product Functions
  427 Junpei Susuki, Asuka Kaji, Kinnya Tamaki and Yusuke Suzuki Systematization of function design process covered with multiple product lines, and construction of integrated BOM database
    472 Seung-Kil Lim and Jae-Gon Kim Order-Lot Pegging for Minimizing Total Tardiness in a Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Facility
    116 Ya-Hui Lin, Yan-Chun Chen An Optimal Production and Inspection Strategy for an Imperfect Process with Rework Process and Inspection Time
    527   Pyung-Hoi Koo, Woon-Seek Lee and Youngjin Kim   Lot sizing at multi-product bottleneck machines with consideration of production rate and lead time
  MP-D3 Green Supply Chain   Session Chair: Dr. Yufang Chiu
  59 Yufang Chiu, Meng-Yen Li and Shi-Jyun Wang Economic order quantity model in reverse logistics that considers lead time, stochastic demand and returned quantity
    152 Rattana Pleumpirom and Sataporn Amornsawadwatana Reverse Logistics Performance Evaluation Development: A Case of Plastics Recycle in Thailand 
  520 Shui-Shun Lin, Jyun-Da Lai and Sheng-Chien Huang Green Supplier Evaluation for 3C Industry Utilizing Data Envelopment Analysis
  521 Ying-Shen Juang, Shui-Shun Lin, Hua-Jhen Cao and Rui-Lin Wang Green Supplier Selection Models Utilizing Voting Analytic Hierarchy Process
  519   Shui-Shun Lin, Ying-Shen Juang, Mei-Yin Chen and Chia-Jung Yu   Analysis of Green Design Criteria and Alternative Evaluation Processes for 3C Products
  MP-E3 Swarm Intelligence and Neural Network   Session Chair: Dr. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul
  73 D.Y. Sha and Hsing-Hung Lin A novel particle swarm optimization for multi-objective job-shop scheduling 
    485 Yuan-Jye Tseng and Feng-Yi Huang Tolerance Allocation Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Production Planning in the Collaborative Manufacturing Environment
  185 R. J. Kuo, F. J. Lin, Tung-Lai Hu and Chih-Chung Lo Clustering Analysis through Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
    561 Apinanthana Udomsakdigool and Voratas Kachitvichyanukul Solving Multi-objective Job Shop Scheduling Problem using Ant Colony Optimization
  102 T. Yuri Zagloel and Intan Nirwani Taguchi Experimental Design in Extrusion Laminating Process for Bonding Strength Optimization Using Artificial Neural Network Model 
  MP-F3 Assembly Line System   Session Chair: Dr. Yuan-Jye Tseng 
    74 Yong-Chan Choi, Bong-Kyun Kim A design problem of Parallel Assembly Lines with multi product types
    528 Rico Gujjula and Hans-Otto Günther Rescheduling blocked Workpieces at Mixed-Model Assembly Lines with Just-In-Sequence supply
  383 Songwut Deechongkit and Rawinkhan Srinon Three Alternative Approaches of Material Supply in Assembly Line: A Comparative Study
    352 Feng-Cheng Yang and Hao-De Lai Ant Colony Optimization for the Mixed-model U-shaped Assembly Line Balancing Problem
    486   Yuan-Jye Tseng, Feng-Yi Huang, Tzu-Yin Hung and Yu-Hua Lin    A Multi-plant Assembly Sequence Planning Model with Assembly Sequence Planning and Plant Assignment Using Case-Based Reasoning and GA Methods
  MP-G3 Material Handling Management   Session Chair: Dr. Sung-Kwan Huh
    13 Wiboon Sumranrum, Charoen Soontravanich and Charoenchai Khompatraporn  Production Analysis of Hard Disk Drive Testing Machine via Absorbing Markov Chains
  210 Baba Md. Deros, Dian Darina Indah Daruis and Nurfarhana Abdullah Sawal Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Workers’ Performing Manual Material Handling Work 
    323 Sung-Kwan Huh, Jay-Ryoung Cho and Heejung Lee A Practical and Effective Method of Strengthening Glass Plates
  22 Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen and Channarong Rungruang Monitoring of Dry Cutting and Applications of Cutting Fluid for Ball End Milling
    88   Paphakorn Soonanona and Pisut Koomsapb   Establishing Contours for Layer-Based Geometrical Reconstruction
  MP-H3 Quality Engineering I   Session Chair: Prof. Ching-Hsiang Lai
    222 Chien-Chih Wang Automatic Solder Joints Defect Quality Evaluation Using Multivariate Transformation Bayesian Techniques
    183 Putri, Nilda Tri and Yusof, S.M. Development Tool for Prioritizing and Measuring the Critical Success Factors of Quality Engineering Implementation (Case Study at Malaysian and Indonesian Automotive Industries)
  367 Wei-Chih Liao and Ching-Hsiang Lai The medical service quality between chain operation and individual business – A case of dental clinics in central Taiwan
  154 Norhayati Zakuan, Sha’ri Mohd Yusof and Awaluddin Mohd Shaharoun Determining the Effects of ISO/TS16949 Certification on TQM and Organizational Performance in Malaysian Automotive Industry: Moderator Variable Analysis
    318   Suphattra Katesarapong and Varathorn Punyangarm   Reducing Defects in the Production of Liquid Medicine by Applying the Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analytic Hierarchy Process
  MP-I3 Information Architecture    Session Chair: Prof. Taioun Kim
    347 Taioun Kim, Sung Taek Park User experience modeling architecture for IPTV user service
    130 Chin-Yin Huang, Tung-Ting Yang, Wu-Lin Chen and Shimon Y. Nof Open Architecture for Collaborative Design
    550 Nobuo Ando Consideration of Information Processing in the Experiment of Face-to-face Selling through ICT
    213 Yun Kuei Huang and  I An Chen A framework of word-of-mouth definition: a literature review of word-of-mouth from 1950 to 2008
    279   Taejin Park and Bong-Jin Yum   Robust Design with a Functional Response Using a Modified Hausdorff Distance Measure
  MP-J3 Human Surrounding and Information Technology   Session Chair: Dr. Hiromi Ban
  498 Masaki Tokuda, Shin-ichi Shibata, Ayako Sawada and Takashi Oyabu Purification Effect of Areca Palm for Continuously Emitting Formaldehyde in an Office Environment
  497 Misako Tamura, Takuya Tajima and Takehiko Abe Improvement of Fall Detection System Using Ultrasound Sensors
  494 Ryoichi Fukushima, Takashi Oyabu and Ayako Sawada Sustainable Regeneration of a Settlement According to the Use of Web
    493 Hiromi Ban, Hidetaka Nambo and Takashi Oyabu Metrical Linguistic Analysis of English Guidebooks for Hokuriku Region in Japan
17:10-18:50 MP-C4 Planning and Scheduling   Session Chair: Dr. Takashi Irohara
    187 Wen-Hua Yang Sequencing Jobs Subject to Multiple Common Due Dates
  320 Jeongja Jeong and Takashi Irohara A scheduling based reorder point system with variable lead time in a multi-item production environment
    55 Pisal Yenradee, Kittipong Piyamanothorn, Phatranun Asawareongchai, and Anchalee Surinsirirat Integrated Aggregate Production Planning With Marketing Promotion
    487 Yuan-Jye Tseng, Feng-Yi Huang, Ting-Yu Ku and Yu-Hua Lin A Multi-Plant and Multi-Stage Capacity Planning Model for IC Packaging Processes
  305   Boontariga Kasemsontitum   Strategic planning for Logistics Activities of Biomass: Case study of rice husk collection in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  MP-D4 Green Product   Session Chair: Prof. Dah-Chuan Gong 
    5 Hasrini Sari and Firmanzah Green Product Design: Identifying Determinant Factors That Influence Customers’Decision to Buy 
  157 Dah-Chuan Gong and Pei-Chuan Wu A Green Control System for Production
    446 Yu-Hsin Yao and Ching-Jung Ting Modularity and End-of-Life Vehicle Recovery in the Automotive Green Supply Chain – A Case Study
  288 Yi-Fang Kao and Shyh-Huei Hwang Study on Use of Bamboo in Green Handicraft A Case Study of Craft & Design – Cantilever Chair “43”
    95   Thittikorn Phattanaphibul and Pisut Koomsap   Improving Flowability of PLA Powder for Rapid Prototyping Process 
  MP-E4 Network Design and Optimization   Session Chair: Dr. Ada Suk-Fung Ng
  16 JI-Su Kim and Dong-Ho Lee A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Designing Collection Networks with Maximum Allowable Collection Distances
    346 Daniel Oron, San-Nah Sze and Ada Suk-Fung Ng Improved two-stage heuristic for the In-flight Catering Delivery Problem with Time Windows
    384 Linda Pichitdassakornkul and Manissara Baramichai Global Supply Chain of Customized Products Case study on Optical lenses Industry
    361 Li-Chih Wang, Chen-Yang Cheng, Sian-Kun Lin and Yu-Yun Lee Directed-Graph Based Supply Network Planning: Memory Module Industry Case Study
  28   Gen-Han Wu and Tom M. Cavalier   Fleet Planning in the Car Rental Business
  MP-F4 Routing / Shortest Path Algorithm Design   Session Chair: Dr. Chun-Mei Lai
    209 Chia-Ho Chen, Ching-Jung Ting and Li-Hui Meng  A Threshold Accepting Algorithm for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem
  269 Kyung-Yeol Bae An algorithm for finding reconnaissance routes for unmanned combat vehicles with sustainability constraints and prespecified sequence of enemies
    565 Chun-Mei Lai and Cheng-Che Chen Solving the Multi-site Pickup and Delivery Problem
  97 Du-Hyun Han  Multi-criteria Shortest Path Algorithm for Global Path Planning of Unmanned Combat Vehicles
    556   Vincent F. Yu, Hsiang-Yu Cheng and Hsiu-I Ting   Optimizing Re-marshalling Operation in Export Container Terminals
  MP-G4 Production Management   Session Chair: Dr. Suk Joo Bae
  77 Chih-Hung Jen Combining the Methods of System Diagnosis for Detecting the Process Faults in Multi-response Control
    408 LanLing Huang and Dengchuan Cai A proposal for rehabilitation device design
    424 B. P. Iskandar and N. Jack A New Servicing Strategy for Items Sold with Two Dimensional Warranties
  554 Jong In Park, Suk Joo Bae and Seong-joon Kim Direct Prediction Methods on Lifetime Distribution from Accelerated Degradation Test
    278   Seung-Hyun Kim and Bong-Jin Yum   Optimal Design of Accelerated Life Tests under Cyclic-Stress Loading: The Case of Lognormal Lifetime Distribution
  MP-H4 Industrial Engineering   Session Chair: Dr. T.J. Wang
  19 Kuo Ming Wang and Tsong Shin Sheu Developing Service Science Curricula for Industrial Engineering and Management Education in Taiwan
    87 T.J. Wang and David H. Chin Systems Engineering Application in the Development of Open Style Industrial Alliance Innovation Platform
  227 Naniek Utami Handayani, Alibasyah Siregar, Lucia Diawati and Andi Cakravastia Conceptual Framework to Determine Factors of Development Phases of Industrial Cluster in Indonesia
  402 Amornrat Meunjitnoy Factor  Effects  of  Personal  Protective  Equipment Using  in  Working   and  Safety  Behavior  of  Worker  in  Amata  Industrial  Estates. Thailand 
  447 Tzyy Wei Tzeng, Dengchuan Cai and Lan Ling Huang Curriculum for Training Professional Industrial Designer
  MP-I4 New Product Development   Session Chair: Prof. Kwang-Jae Kim
  52 Hung-Wen Hsu, Hsien-Jung Wu, Chung-Lin Sung, Manlai You and Kuohsiang Chen Converge Design Knowledge Flow on Collaborative New Product Development Process
    220 Tanika Dewi Sofianti, Kadarsah Suryadi, Rajesri Govindaraju and Budhi Prihartono Customer Knowledge Management in New Product Development
    514 Chien Chiang, Lin and Yun Shan Huang Utilizing Customer Participation in NPD Process - Comparison and Insight from Telecommunication Companies in Taiwan
  54 Kwang-Jae Kim, Chie-Hyeon Lim, Jin Lee, Dong-Hee Lee, Yoo-Suk Hong and Kwang-Tae Park Ideation Support System for Product-Service System Development
  122 Min Koo Lee, Hyuck Moo Kwon and Sung Hoon Hong The optimum common process mean and screening limits for a production process with multiple products
  MP-J4 Simulations   Session Chair: Dr. Lin Lin
  180 Jirapat Wanitwattanakosol and Apichat Sopadang A Framework for Modeling Efficient Value Chain in the Electronics Products Industry
    94 Surachai Tangpaisannukul and Pisut Koomsap Development of a User-Friendly Process Modeling Tool for Operator Training Simulator 
    474 Kaustubh Kalkundri, Mohammad T. Khasawneh and Krishnaswami Srihari A Partial Evaluation of the USARSim Modeling Environment
  267 M. A. Wazed, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Nukman Yusoff Multistage Production Models under Common Processes in an Uncertain Environment
    574 Chung-Cheng Tu, Hueimei Liang and Jeng-Tsong Huang Key Success Factors in implementing LOHAS in Convenient Chain Stores—a case study of 7-11 in Taiwan
Dec. 15            
09:00-09:40 Plenary Talk III    Session Chair: Dr. YoungHae Lee
    Dr. Takeshi Yamakawa (Kyushu Institute of Technology and Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute, Japan) Minimally Invasive Surgery for Drug-resistant Epilepsy
09:40-10:40 Tutorial Talk II   Session Chair: Dr. YoungHae Lee
    Dr. Michel Baudin (Takt Times Group, USA) Lean Logistics
09:00-10:40 TA-C1 Manufacturing System I   Session Chair: Prof. Katsuhisa Ohno 
  113 Masashi Tsunoi, Manabu Yamaji and Kakuro Amasaka Research for Building an Intellectual Working Value Improvement Model
  171 Patcharaporn Yanpirat and Kaniknan Tippayasri Efficient Mix Production Planning in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Systems by Lexicographic Goal Programming Approach
  174 Etsushi Katahira, Etsuko Kusukawa and Ikuo Arizono Optimal Production Policy in Reverse Supply Chain System with Promotion Factor of Remanufacturing Activity
    81 Bong-Kyun Kim A Heuristic Algorithm for Mission Assignment and Sequencing Problems in a Military Aviation Unit
    337   Katsuhisa Ohno    A New Neuro-Dynamic Programming Algorithm to Determine an Optimal Control of Just-in-time-based Production and Distribution Systems
  TA-D1 Supply Chain Management II   Session Chair: Dr. Etsuko Kusukawa
  479 Etsuko Kusukawa and Ikuo Arizono Optimal Production Policy in Reverse Supply Chain Model with Weibull Distribution Deterioration under Inflation
  484 David Chiang, Ruey-Shan Guo, Yu-Shan Chen and Jia-Ying Chen The Final Order Model for Auto Service Parts Considering the End of Product Life Cycle
    57 Chong Wei Chua and Hiroshi Katayama Lean Approaches in Warehousing Design and Management for Automotive Parts Supply Operation
  325 Chao-Hua Chen and S. Wang Investigation of Feasible VMI Strategies for a Two-Echelon Supply Chain with Variable Demands and Multi-Period Replenishment Planning Horizon
    385   Ravipim Chaveesuk and Thanapan Suwansarodj   Profit Comparison in Canned Pineapple Industry Supply Chain between Traditional Pineapple Production and Production with Watering during Drought
  TA-E1 Swarm Intelligence   Session Chair: Dr. YoungSu Yun
  567 YoungSu Yun Reinforced Adaptive Hybrid Algorithm using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization
    110 Yasushi Kambayashi, Osamu Sato, Hidemi Yamachi, Yasuhiro Tsujimura and Hisashi Yamamoto A Search for Efficient Ant Colony Clustering
  41 Zahari Taha, Novita Sakundarini, Raja Ariffin, Raja Ghazila and Julirose Gonzales  An Intelligent Approach to Recyclability Evaluation In Automobile Design
  240 I-Wei Kao and Chi-Yang Tsia A Particle Swarm with Selective Particle Regeneration for Data Clustering
  151   Fumihiko Yano, Yoshiaki Toyoda and Tsutomu Shohdohji   A Hybridized Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Applying to Newly Open Facility Location Problems
  TA-F1 Heuristics Algorithm Design   Session Chair: Prof. Ling-Feng Hsieh
  159 Zheng Yan, Yooho Seo and Minseok Seo Hybrid Heuristic Algorithm for Integrated Operation Sequence with Precedence Constraints and Unidirectional Flow Path Layout Design Problem
  551 Kyoung-Woon Ha and Dong-Ho Lee Fast Heuristics for the Team Orienteering Problem
    295 Kun-Chih Wu and Ching-Jung Ting Branch-and-Bound based Heuristics to the Container Reshuffle Problem
    522 Ling-Feng Hsieh, Chia-Yun Fan and Yi-Chen Huang The Design of Batch Construction Heuristic for Order Picking Systems
  524   Jaeoh Lee, Kihwan Kim and Yoonho Seo   Design and Performance Evaluation of a Surface-to-Air Missile based on a Simulator
  TA-G1 Risk Management   Session Chair: Prof. Yanwen Dong
  45 Afshari H. and Khosravi Sh. Project risk management maturity model (PRM3)
    143 Tsung-Han Chang A Proposed Model for Measuring the Aggregative Risk Degree of the Private University in Taiwan
    340 Tadahiro Mizumachi A Method of Evaluating Profitability and Risk of Multiple Investments Applying Internal Rate of Return
    137 Rachavarn Kanjanapanyakom and Sudarat Wattanawangjongsuk Built-in Quality System in Packing Process of Cosmetic Manufacturer
  207   Yanwen Dong   Application of Hybrid Method of Bagging and Case-Based Reasoning to Solve Small-Businesses’ Credit Assessment Problems
  TA-H1 Semiconductor Technology   Session Chair: Prof. Muh-Cherng Wu
    12 Wei-Chen Li and Du-Ming Tsai Defect inspection in low-contrast LCD images using Hough transform-based non-stationary line detection
  233 Shu-Kai. Fan and Yuan-Jung Chang The Feasibility Analysis of Partial Least Squares Modeling on Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Semiconductor Processes
  553 Tao Yuan, Suk-Joo Bae and Dong-Ho Yeom Spatial Modeling for Defect Patterns in Semiconductor Fabrication Processes
    293 Hyun-Jin Kim, Kwang-Jae Kim and Doh-Soon Kwak A Modeling Approach to Optimize Semiconductor Fabrication Process Considering Uniformity
    243   Muh-Cherng Wu, Chang-Fu Shih and Chen-Fu Chen   An Analysis of Material-Handling Capacity for a Large Scale Semiconductor Fab
  TA-I1 Information System Design   Session Chair: Dr. Morrakot Raweewan
  202 Chieh-Yuan Tsai, Ching-Chuan Hsiao and Chih-Jung Chen A Sequential Pattern Mining Based Guiding System
    469 Kiyoul Lee and Mooyoung Jung Fractal-based Control and Monitoring System for Smart Grid
    328 Anoo Ravewan and Morrakot Raweewan Three-Sixty Degree Loss Prevention Management
  341 Manik Mahachandra, Agus Salim Ridwan, Iftikar Sutalaksana and Yassierli Changes in Drowsiness Level while Driving on Highway: Results of a Naturalistic Study in Indonesia
  576   Arief A.R. Setiawan and Hiroshi Katayama   Measuring the Efficiency of Knowledge and Technology Transfer by Data Envelopment Analysis
  TA-J1 Service Strategy   Session Chair: Prof. Nobutaka Odake
    560 B. P. Iskandar and N. Jack A New Servicing Strategy for Items Sold with Two Dimensional Warranties
    264 Nobutaka Odake, Naoki Uozawa, Noriko Fujii Study of CSR Strategies for Enhancing Competitive Advantage of SME
    509 Sungjae Han, Yonghui Oh and Hark Hwang Retailing Policy for Perishable Item Sold from Two Bins
  433 Kartika Akbaria and Husna Nugrahapraja Developing Ecotourism as An Effort in Enhancing Competitiveness of Indonesia Tourism
    9 Yuki Higuchi and Kazuhiro Takeyasu Identification of Brand Transition Matrix in The Case of New Brand Entry
  TA-K1 Manufacturing System II   Session Chair: Dr. Hsi-Mei Hsu
  283 Yongshin Kang, Heeju Jin and Yong-Han Lee A Development of Traceability Services in EPCglobal Network Environment
    186 Wen-Jen Chang, Muh-Cherng Wu and Chun-Li Lin A collaborative model for capacity planning between two semiconductor fabs in a short term
    8 Kazuhiro Takeyasu and Yasuo Ishii Simplified Machine Diagnosis Techniques Using ARMA Model of Absolute Deterioration Factor with Weight
    491 Hsi-Mei Hsu and Yu-Shin Lin A Tool Planning Approach under Waiting Time Constraints and Demand Uncertainty 
  290 Chun-Li Lin, Wen-Jen Chang, Yu-Hao Lin and Yang-Sung Lin Evaluation of the relative contributions of orthodontic mini-screw design factors using FE analysis and the Taguchi method
    568 Jie Gao, Jinlin Li, Ling Wang and Linyan Sun Base Stock Level Determination for a Repairable Item Inventory System with Expediting Repair
10:50-12:30 TA-C2 Advanced Manufacturing   Session Chair: Prof. Chen-Fu Chien
    488 Gen’ichi Yasuda Design and Implementation of Distributed Control Architecture For Flexible Manufacturing Systems Based On Petri Nets
  555 Salleh bin Yahya and Jani Rahardjo The Impact of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Applications on Malaysian selected SME
  355 Yusri Yusof, Nurul Zakiah Zamri Tan, Noordiana Kassim and Nazri Mohd Nawi ISO14649 Code Generator for Intelligent Manufacture for STEP-NC Compliant Machining
  572 Chia-Yu Hsu and Chen-Fu Chien Manufacturing Intelligence for Optimizing Alternative Designs of Chip Sizes for Overall
Wafer Effectiveness
    115   Elita Amrina and Sha’ri Mohd. Yusof   A Proposed Manufacturing Performance Measures for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  TA-D2 Transportation System   Session Chair: Dr. Takashi Amemiya
    349 Panita Kasinram and Phongchai Jittamai Development of Data Management System to Determine Employee - Transportation Routings
    457 Takashi Amemiya and Katsuhisa Okita Basic Considerations for the Optimal Allocation of Three-Mode Intercontinental Transportation of Seasonal Products
  108 Duangpun Kritchanchai Rubber Supply Chain in North Eastern Part of Thailand
  540 Ying-Chin Ho, Jia-Chyun Chen and Wan-Fen Kuo   The Effects of Storage Assignment and Routing Policies on the Order-Picking Performance of a Distribution Center
    121   Chin-Heng Ho and Yung-Ching Liu   Age effect on comprehension of symbols in public transportation stations in Taiwan
  TA-E2 Genetic Algorithm and Applications   Session Chair:  Dr. Atsushi Suzuki 
    173 Friska Natalia Ferdinand, Hae Kyeong Lee, Geun Hwa Song and Chang Seong Ko A Genetic Algorithm Based Approach to the Profitable Tour Problem with Pick-up and Delivery
  308 Hung Wei Cheng and Masahiro Arakawa Genetic Algorithm for Facilities Location problem in Multi-Stage Logistics System Considering Demand Distribution
    373 Anas Ma’ruf and Hardian Prabianto A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Solving Single Container Loading Problem
  353 Feng-Cheng Yang and His-Chieh Lin Time Window Constrained Order Allocation Problem for Multi-plant/Multi-layer Serial Engineering Chain and GA-based Solving Method
    224   Atsushi Suzuki and Hisashi Yamamoto   Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Facility Rearrangement Problem
  TA-F2 Multi-objective Optimization   Session Chair: Dr. Yasuhiro Tsujimura
    237 Yasuhiro Tsujimura, Hidemi Yamachi and Hisashi Yamamoto and Yasushi Kambayashi A Breadth First Search Method for Searching Pareto Solutions of a Bi-objective Optimal
Component Allocation Problem in Series-Parallel Redundant System
    525 Dong-Hee Lee, Kwang-Jae Kim and Murat Köksalan A Posterior Preference Articulation Approach to Multiresponse Surface Optimization
    466 Sheng-Chuan Wang and Neng-Shu Yang Distance Based Bi-Objective Competitive Location Problem with Two Facilities
    371 Pongsak Holimchayachotikul, Nuanlaor Phanruangrong and Jirapat Wanitwattanakosol Multi-Objective Optimization of Powdering Process for Alumina Substrate Using DOE and Data Mining Technique
    160   Taufiq Abdul Gani, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Rahmat Budiarto and Nurmaulidar   A Fitness Assignment Method for Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms 
  TA-G2 Parallel Machine Management   Session Chair: Dr. Hidetaka Nambo
    179 Sang-Oh Shim Heuristics for scheduling wafer lots on workstations composed of parallel dedicated machines in a semiconductor wafer fabrication facility
    480 Tsui-Ping Chung, Ching-Jong Liao and Chien-Hung Lin Minimizing Makespan on Parallel Machines with Batch Arrivals
  282 Yi-Chen Wang and Chi-Yang Tsai Minimizing Maximum Completion Time on Parallel Machines Scheduling with Limited Resources
    145 Wei-Shung Chang and Chiuh-Cheng Chyu  Archive-based Simulated Annealing for the Fuzzy Bi-objective Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling
  478   Jen-Shiang Chen   Optimization Model for Scheduling Jobs Containing Multiple Orders on an Unrelated Parallel-Machine
  TA-H2 Industry Management   Session Chair: Dr. Joko Siswanto
    26 Johan K. Runtuk Technology Content Assessment and Sustainable Business Development in Creative Industry: Case Study of Sailing Vessels Miniature Industry in East Java
    35 Somkiat Jongprasithporn The Implementation of GMP and HACCP Systems for Cereal Food Production Process in Food Grain Industries
    441 Joko Siswanto and Made Andriani Integrated Competency Model In Call Center Industry
  535 Yeh Cheng-Yu and Cheng Chen-Yang Applying Fault Tree Analysis on Inventory Control for E-Business - a Case Study of Aerospace Industry
  66   Quynh-Lam Ngoc Le, Ngoc-Hien Do, Ki-Chan Nam and Kyu-Seok Kwak   Classification of Vietnamese Seaports
  TA-I2 System Evaluation   Session Chair: Dr. Hidetoshi Nakayasu
  546 Al Benjamin Ngo and Jose Edgar Mutuc A System Dynamics Approach to Enhance the Performance of Emergency Disaster Relief Operations
    342 Manik Mahachandra and Yassierli Usability Evaluation of Car Driving Simulator
  365 Tetsuya Miyoshi, Yuki Ueno and Hidetoshi Nakayasu Effect of Evacuation Guidance System for Aircraft Accident with Panic Passenger
  276 Natanaree Sooksaksun and Voratas Kachitvichyanukul Performance Evaluation of Warehouse with One-block Class-based Storage Strategy
    517   Jiun-Yu Yu, Ruey-Shan Guo, David Chiang, Ro-Lin Tsao and Jia-Ying Chen   Dynamic Performance Evaluation for Healthcare Service Innovation – A Case Study for PCA Program at NTUH
  TA-J2 Ergonomics   Session Chair: Dr. Tsun-Yu Woo
    86 Tsun-Yu Woo, Hsien-Yu Tseng and Bor-Shong Liu Evaluating the Difference of Physiological Load between Forward and Backward Exercise
  404 Shu-Fei Yu and Dengchuan Cai and Yu-Ping An Investigation on Color Preference of Elementary School Students in Taiwan
  211 Baba Md. Deros, Dian Darina Indah Daruis and Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor Evaluation of Static Car Driver Seat Discomfort through Objective and Subjective Methods 
  319 Wan-Ting, Chiu and Shang-Chia Chiou An Innovative Proposal for Contemporary Bionic Design
  398   Chiung Yi Ma and Deng chuan Cai   Ergonomic Study on Taiwan Lion Dance
  TA-K2 Mathematics and Economic Management   Session Chair: Dr. Shu-Kai Fan
  443 Shu-Kai. Fan, Yuan-Jung Chang and Le-Chun Lo Recursive Least Squares Run-to-Run Control with Metrology Delays
  167 Ruth Banomyong, Apichat Sopadang and Sakgasem Ramingwong Assessing Thailand’s Logistics Potential in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region: The Case of the North-South Economic Corridor
    166 Apichat Sopadang, Sakgasem Ramingwong and Ruth Banomyong Economic Hub Identification and Development in the East West Economic Corridor of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region
    548 Mustofa Usman, Agung E.Hadi and Ahmad Sidik Testing Hypotheses and Estimation of Ratio of Parameters in Unbalanced Split Plot Design
    549   E.H. Agung, S.M. Sapuan, M.M. Hamdan, H.M.D. K. Zaman and Mustofa Usman   Investigation on the mechanical properties of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) reinforced abaca (Musa textile Nee) fibre composite
  Poster Session   Session Chair: Dr. Lin Lin
    7 Chih-Nan Wang and Min-Sheng Chen Memory interference effect in the elderly
    20 Chin-Chia Wu Some solvable scheduling problems with learning consideration
    27 Jonathan C. Ho and Temei Li Forecasting two competing technologies: Wimax and 3.5G mobile technologies
    39 Hartomo, Zahari Taha and Emy Dwi Hastutiningsih Analysis of Ergonomics Workstation Layout Design Using Analytical Hierarchy Process
    48 KaiWay Li and De Lin Tseng Major Injuries and Occupational Incidences on Workplaces in Taiwan
    56 Hung-Yi Chen A Transfer Price Heuristics for the Two-Echelon Decentralized Supply Chain Coordinated with Revenue Sharing Mechanism
    64 Chengter Ted Ho, Hsi-Chi Teng and Li-His Chen Quick Response System for Production Cost Estimation in Semiconductor Packing Industry
    76 Hamed Fallaha, Ali Naimi Sadigha and Fariborz Jolai Risk Analysis for Determining Number of Suppliers and amount of Purchase from each Supplier in Discount Environment with Decision Tree Method
    90 SangSu Choi, YongJu Cho, SeogOu Choi, GunYeon Kim, SangDo Noh and JaeKwang Lee Development of MES based on SOA for the Medium-sized Manufacturing Company with Multiple-types of Products and Mixed Process Flows
    114 Yang-Kun Ou, Chen-Chiang Lin, Shyh-Huei Chen and Yung-Ching Liu A comparison study of predictive models to elderly hip fracture surgery based on clinical data
    138 Yuttapong Pleumpirom and Sataporn Amornsawadwatana A Framework Development for the Aviation Supply Chain in Thailand 
    155 Hidemi Yamachi, Yasushi Kambayashi and Yasuhiro Tsujimura A Clustering Method Based on Potential Field
  162 Teerapun Saeheaw, Nivit Charoenchai and Wichai Chattinnawat Application of Max-Min Ant System to Hard Disk Drive System Optimization
  199 Chanpen Anurattananon and Peerayuth Chansetthikul Forecasting Models With Truncated Fourier Series in Response Surface Methodology in Jewelry-Bodied Casting
    247 Hyck Moo Kwon, Sung Hoon Hong and Min Koo Lee Effectiveness of the Ordered Selective Assembly for Two Mating Parts
  294 Chih-Yun Yang, Iuan-Yuan Lu, Cheng-Jui Tseng and Sheng-Chan Chiu  Exploring the Interactions of Servicescape and Customer Queue Experience by using System Dynamics
  330 LiChun Yeh and DengChuan Cai Anthropometry and motion analysis while using a broom 
  332 Ayşe Hande Erol and Serol Bulkan A Survey For Quadratic Assignment Problems
    343 Faizal Mahananto, Radityo P.W, Achmad Holil N.A, Mahendrawathi Er and Tomohiko Igasaki OHIS: SOA Based Grow-able Healthcare Information System Framework
    356 Yusri Yusof and Mohd Afif Mamat Comparative Product Data Model for RP and CNC Milling
  406 YiHua Liu and Dengchuan Cai Golden ratio for Taiwanese
  423 Minarni, Desi Kasdiana, Lusiana Sri Wahyuni, Syaiful Bahri, Dahliyusmanto and Abdur Rahman Siddiq Queuing System for fluctuation Control by Place Billing Method
    511 Youngjae Choi, Jeonghoon Shin, Eungoo Kang, Seokwoo Lee and Honzong Choi,  Collaborative process control system in Mould & Die industry
    523 Ruijie Yang, Junpei Susuki, Kinya Tamaki , Munenori Kakehi, Ichie Watanabe, Tetsuo Yamada, Eiichiro Yagi and Yusuke Suzuki  Proposal of WS-BOM Data Base System and Digital Operation Instruction Sheet for Work System Design on the Vending Machine Manufacturing
    557 M. R. Sarmasti Emami, S.S. Jamali Investigation of ergonomic issues in crutch design and present an innovation
    563 Xinchang Hao,  and Mitsuo Gen Network Modeling and Optimization for Scheduling in APS
    564 Lin Lin, Xinchang Hao, Takao Yokota and Mitsuo Gen Service-oriented Evolutionary Computation Architecture
    566 Cheng-Che Chen, Chun-Mei Lai and Hsiao-Yu Nien Using linguistic decision-making method to measure service quality evaluation problem
    569 Linyan Sun, Chunyan Zhu and  Linhui Sun Chinese Manufacturing: Renovation or Rebuilding
    570 Feihu Hu, Dandan Zhang and Zefei Geng Research on Optimization Models and Algorithms of Emergency Resource Scheduling
    575 Chengji Liang and  Hark Hwang A Berth Allocation Planning Problem with Direct Transshipment Consideration
    577 Jianquan Guo, Youngdae Ko, Youngdae Ko and Hark Hwang A Manufacturing/Remanufacturing System with the Consideration of Required Quality of Recycled Products
13:30-15:10 Technical Session   Session Chair: Dr. Mitsuo Gen
    Mitsushige Shiota (Nippon Steel Group,
    Visiting Prof. Waseda University)
  Supply Chain Management of the Iron and Steel Industry
  TP-C3 Manufacturing Model Design   Session Chair: Dr. Kakuro Amasaka
  317 Abdul Hakim Halim and Rinto Yusriski  Batch Scheduling For a Two-stage Assembly Model To Minimize Total Actual Flow Time
  287 Hyung-Dae Ahn, Hyung-Won Kim and Dong-Ho Lee A Dynamic Lot Sizing Model for Remanufacturing Systems 
    43 Dradjad Irianto A Model for Process Selection Optimization for MTO Manufacturer with Imperfect Repair
  541 Dhesirey Beryl K. Sio and Dennis T. Beng Hui Modeling the Impact of Kanban Mechanisms to Throughput, Cycle Time and WIP in a High Volume Manufacturing Environment
  170   Yeap Yu Siang, Manabu Yamaji and Kakuro Amasaka   The Validity of Strategic Platform Partnering Model utilizing New JIT
  TP-D3 Decision Making Models   Session Chair: Dr. Hong-Mau Lin
  31 Ya-Wen Yu, Hong-Mau Lin, Bor-Wen Cheng and Yu-Fen Liang Constructing the Predictive Model of Colonoscopy’s Abnormal Findings
  358 Yujiro Takeda Design of decision support system for traffic management with social consensus building
  463 Martha Lauren L. Tan and Richard C. Li Linking DEA based benchmarking results to decisions in resource reallocation for service process improvement
    251 Hsiao Yu-Cheng, Lin Tai-Yueh and Huang Hsin-Yi Common Replenishment Cycle with Mixed Batch Shipment Policy for Multi-item in a Single-supplier Multi-retailer Integrated System
  109   Wirachchaya Chanpuypetch and Duangpun Kritchanchai   Gateway Selections for Thailand Rubber Export
  TP-E3 Modeling and Algorithm Design   Session Chair: Dr. Tomoaki Akiba
  119 Kohei hamada, Hisashi Yamamoto and Hideki Nagatsuka Efficient algorithm for distributions of numbers of runs in a sequence of s-kinds outcomes 
  71 Seungho Yang, Hyejin Park, Dong-jin Noh and Jaewook Lee Median Implied Volatility Surface Modeling for Equity-Linked Warrants 
    375 Tomoaki Akiba, Takahiro Yamaguchi, Tomonori Komuro, Hisashi Yamamoto and Hideki Nagatsuka Accelerating algorithms for the system state distributions of mlti-state k-systems
    261 Kamal Adamu and Steve Phelps A Coevolutionary Grammatical Evolution Approach for Developing Technical Trading Rules
  329   Matthias Becker, Helena Szczerbicka and Mei Chen Lo   Performance Efficiency Measuring and Prediction of Wafer Fabrication Operation with a Combined Clustering and Neural Network Approach
  TP-F3 Vehicle Routing Problem    Session Chair: Dr. Byung-In Kim
  250 Yeowoon Jun and Byung-In Kim An improved route construction heuristic for the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery
    273 Suprayogi and Yusuf Priyandari Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Trips, Time Windows, and Simultaneous Delivery and Pickup Services
  502 Jae Young Shin and Sung Inn Oh Vehicle routing problem for container road transportation
  435 Joon-Yung Moon, Youngwoo Kim and Jinwoo Park A genetic algorithm based approach for the periodic vehicle routing problem
  236   Junhyuk Park, Hyunchul Tae and Byung-In Kim   The Effects of Allowing Mixed Loads in the Commuter Bus Routing Problem
  TP-G3 Technology Management   Session Chair: Dr. Chin-Chao Lin
  89 Hiroki Ymada, Manabu Yamaji and Kakuro Amasaka Effectiveness of Statistical Sciences for improvement of CAE analysis technology of development design process
    104 Wen-Chih Chiou, Chin-Chao Lin, Chyuan Perng and Jeng-Teng Tsai E-Learning Usability MeasurementUsing Technology Acceptance Model and Usability Test
  221 Takahiro Ito, Masatoshi Sato, Manabu Yamaji and Kakuro Amasaka An Analysis of Bottleneck Technology by using Experiments and CAE -Example of the Automotive Transaxle Oil Seal Leakage-
  359 Asri Istianti Devi, Andi Cakravastia and Lucia Diawati A Conceptual Supplier Selection Model that Consider Technology Transfer Risk
  526   Dwiriana Setiati, Isobel Pollock and Brian Henson   Applying Technology Management System in a Medium-Sized Manufacturing Company in the UK
  TP-H3 Quality Engineering II   Session Chair: Dr. Bor-Shong Liu
  30 Ching-Wen Lien, Chuan-Hui Yu, Shir-Ling Lin and Bor-Shong Liu Association of Sleep Quality and Physical Fitness Comparing Shiftwork of Nurses
  40 GaoYang Liang and Kiyoshi Nagata User Oriented Information Quality Evaluation System with Fuzzy Measures -Application for Website’s Search Engines-
  500 Yasuhiko Takemoto and Ikuo Arizono Change Point Estimation of Process Mean in Process Continuous Change Model
    254 Rumel V. Atienza and Emil Adrian V. Fernandez Minimizing Blister Rejects in Doughnut Production through Design of Experiment: A Case Study
  547   Shu-Kai S. Fan and Ko-Wei Chang   On-line Monitoring Process Profiles via Piecewise Nonlinear Approximation Procedure
  TP-I3 Information Analysis   Session Chair: Dr. Dengchuan Cai 
  153 Erwin Widodo, Katsuhiko Takahashi, Katsumi Morikawa,  I Nyoman Pujawan and Budi Santosa Managing sales return in dual sales channel: An analysis of its product substitution
    421 Dengchuan Cai  Legibility threshold on Japanese characters
  200 Kun-Hsi Liao A Study Concerning How Gender, Hands and the Sequence of Force Application Affected Grip and Hand-gripping Control
  482 Sunhwa Lee, Sangil Lee, Kwangyeol Ryu and Youngjae Choi A Methodology to Capture and to Verify Collaborative Processes
    562   Wen Liang Chang, Ruey Huei Yeh and Hui-Chiung Lo   Optimal Number of Leased Periods and Maintenance Policy with a Threshold Value on Age for Leased Equipment
  TP-J3 Image Processing   Session Chair: Dr. Lin Lin
  234 Yap Hwa Jen, Zahari Taha, Eng Tat Hong and Chew Jouh Yeong Design and Development of a Marker-based Augmented Reality System using OpenCV and OpenGL
  141 Yueh-Ling Lin and Mao-Jiun J. Wang Human Body Shape Deformation from Front and Side Images
  205 Yu-Chiang Chuang and Shu-Kai S. Fan Image Registration Based on Entropy Measure of Intensity Differences
  235 Yap Hwa Jen, Zahari Taha, Ng Sock Wee and Chew Jouh Yeong Low Cost Head Tracking System for Desktop-based VR System Using Webcam
    473   Lawrence Al-Fandi, Nuala Mabe and Mohammad T. Khasawneh   The Impact of Threat Type and Image Color on Baggage Screening Performance: A Preliminary Investigation
  TP-K3  Investment Strategy and Web Service   Session Chair: Dr. Yukiko Orito
  172 Chuan-Jun Su, Tsung-Ching Chou and Yao-Jen Lee Three Dimensional Web Service Platform (3WSP) with AJAX based on Web-Oriented Architecture
  204 Yukiko Orito, Hisashi Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Tsujimura and Yasushi Kambayashi Evaluating the Efficiency of Portfolios Using New Investment Strategy Indices Based on Information Ratio
    434 Juihsiang Lee and Manlai You Marketing Management on Collegiate Website: A Comparison of USA and Taiwan University admissions web pages
  483 Sangil Lee, Sunhwa Lee, Jeonghoon Shin and Kwangyeol Ryu Process Interfacing Methods for Facilitating Collaboration
    212   Yun Kuei Huang and Wen I Yang   The judgment criterion of Internet book reviews: A commercial - non-commercial word-of-mouth dichotomy perspective
15:20-16:20 Plenary Talk IV   Session Chair: Dr. Erhan Kozan
    Dr. Chen-Fu Chien
    (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
  Value Chain Evolution in Semiconductor Industry in light of Moore's Law and Implications
16:20-17:20 Tutorial Talk III   Session Chair: Dr. Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
    Dr. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul
    (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
Particle Swarm Optimization for Large-scale Industrial Applications
15:20-17:00 TP-C4 Production System Analysis   Session Chair:  Dr. Chen-ju Lin
  552 Namhyoung Kim, Kyu-Hwan Jung, Kyoungok Kim and Jaewook Lee Barrier Option Pricing with Model Averaging Methods under Local Volatility Models
    312 Osamu Ichikizaki, Takashi Kanazawa, Hiroyuki Cho and Tomoaki Yamazaki A Fundamental Study on Analysis of Acquisition Process of Work Sequence and Positions
  148 Chen-ju Lin Tool Replacement Policy for Processes with High Yields
  215 Masaki Tamura, Kazuko Morizawa and Hiroyuki Nagasawa Robust Optimal Reorder Points with Uncertain Lead Time
  253   Daisuke Hirotani, Katsumi Morikawa and Katsuhiko Takahashi   Analysis of self-balancing production line with stations, non preemption and constant working velocity
  TP-D4 Performance Management   Session Chair: Dr. Hyuck Moo Kwon
    231 Daegeun Hong, Euiho Suh, Seongtae Kim, Junghan Kim, Sungjin Kim and Suchul Lee Development of a new model for evaluating a large-scale R&D project using ANP
    322 Heejung Lee, Junghun Kim and Teakyun Song Development of a R&D Performance Metrics Selection Model using Ontology Approach
    107 Sung-Hoon Hong, Min-Young Jung, Young-Nam Lee, Hyuck Moo Kwon and Min Koo Lee Development of a Flexible Inspection Scheme for Screening Procedures Using Performance and Surrogate Variables
  391 Achmad Jerry and Indryati Sunaryo Employee Contribution and Satisfaction in Call Centre Performance 
  169 Sung-Nung Lin and Shyh-Huei Chen TOPSIS with a fuzzy time weighted approach for multiple criteria decision making problems –A case study for the performance evaluation of auction websites
  TP-E4 Evolutionary Computation and Applications    Session Chair: Dr. Yasuhiro Tsujimura
  139 Saiful Anwar Determinants of Pricing Individual Depositor`s Rate of Return in Indonesian Islamic Bank: A Case-study of PT Bank Syariah Mandiri
    75 Li-Chang Chao and Li-I Chao Wafer Defect Pattern Recognition Using Multi-class Support Vector Machines
  32 Cheng-Min Chao, Ya-Wen Yu, Bor-Wen Cheng and Yao-Lung Kuo Predicting Breast Cancer Survivability: A Comparison of Three Data Mining Methods
  534 Shujuan Guo, Katsuhiko Takahashi and Katsumi Morikawa Nozzle assignment in PCB assembly considering one component type picked up by multiple nozzle types
  TP-F4 Scheduling and Optimization   Session Chair: Dr. Kazuko Morizawa
  214 Manabu Kitada, Kazuko Morizawa and Hiroyuki Nagasawa Recursive search approach in nurse rerostering following a sudden absence of nurses
    144 Zhi-Jie Chen and Chiuh-Cheng Chyu A Memetic Algorithm for Minimizing the Total Cost of the Multi-Mode Resource-constrained Project Scheduling Problem Subject to a Deadline
    150 Kari Stuart and Erhan Kozan Online Scheduling in the Operating Theatre
  453 Anwida Prompijit, Chawalit Jeenanunta, Aussadavut Dumrongsiri, Somrote Komolavanij and Pisal Yenradee Optimization Model of Hydro, Thermal, Combined Cycle Electricity Generation System for Daily Load Dispatch Scheduling
    462   Kil-Woong Jang, Jae-Hwan Kim, Hisashi Yamamoto and Koji Shingyochi   A Tabu Search for Multiple Multi-level Redundancy Allocation Problems in Series-Parallel Systems
  TP-G4 Knowledge Management   Session Chair: Dr. Anthony S.F. Chiu
  49 Shu-Hui Chuang and Jenteng Tsai  Creating knowledge assets for organizational performance: an organizational learning perspective
  123 Akitsu Oe and Hitoshi Mitsuhashi Mechanism for maximizing organizational memory in successful startups
  147 Iwan Inrawan Wiratmadja and Rajesri Govindaraju  The Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer From Higher Education to Small Industries
    348 Hae Kyeong Lee and Taioun Kim IPTV Network Error Diagnosis Framework based on Task Ontology
  459   Ming-Lang Tseng and Anthony SF Chiu   Evaluation of firm’s environmental knowledge management in uncertainty using hybrid model
  TP-H4 Project Development and Management   Session Chair: Dr. Kai Way Li
    37 Louis Y. Y. Lu Before and After R&D Internationalization: The Case of Taiwanese Manufacturing Firms
  218 Wassanai Wattanutchariya and Choncharoen Sawangrat The Development of Polar Plate Forming Process for Fuel Cell Equipment
  192 Henyi Jen and Yin-Liang Liu A Study of FEMA and DOE on the Application of Generic Drug Analytic Method Development Project
  85 Kai Way Li , Yao Wen Hsu and Ching Chung Chen Hardness, Abrasion, and Slip-Resistance of New and Used Shoes
  206   Yue-Yang Chen, Che-Wei Hsu and Hui-Ling Huang   An empirical study of strategic alignment among operations strategy, business strategy, and information systems strategy
  TP-I4 System Analysis II   Session Chair: Dr. Hisashi Yamamoto
  542 Cheng-Feng Hu and Homing Chen Numerical Analysis on the Hull and White Interest Rate Model by Semi-innite Programming
    246 Nozomi Oomiya, Masaaki Ohba, Hisashi Yamamoto, Yukio Maruyama and Yoshiki Nakamura Analysis of inquiry data in the maintenance process - The case of information system -
  184 Shouta Kasai, Takeo Takeno, Mitsuyoshi Horikawa and Mitsumasa Sugawara Development of inventory management system and analysis of consumer’s behavior in farmer’s store
  272 Jen-Ying Shih Using Self-Organizing Maps for Analysis of Corporate Governance Information
    277   Jeong Han, Norman Kim, Bong-Jin Yum and Myong-Kee Jeong   Classification Using the Patterns Generated from the Logical Analysis of Data
  TP-J4 Manufacturing System III   Session Chair: Dr. Koji Singyochi
    189 Abdul Rahman Hemdi, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman and Safian Sharif Proposed Decision Making Framework for Sustainable Product Design Evaluation
  208 Koji Shingyochi, Hisashi Yamamoto, Jae-Hwan Kim and Kil-Woong Jang Efficient Simulated Annealing Algorithms for Optimal Component Arrangement Problems in a Linear Consecutive-k-out-of-n: F System
    558 Mohammad Mohammadpour Omran and Sayyed Sajed Jamali, amirhossein khosrojerdi Performance measurement of supply chain management: A Balanced scorecard approach
    36 Raja Ariffin Raja Ghazilla, Zahari Taha and Novita Sakundarini Development of a framework for Disassemblability Design Optimization for Sustainable Manufacturing
    432   Babak Eghtedari and Mohammad Reza Habibi   Machine allocation in a cladding process with regards of cost and quality factors
  TP-K4 Furniture Management   Session Chair: Dr. Lin Lin
  68 Ngoc-Hien Do, Hoon-Do Choi, Ki-Chan Nam and Kyu-Seok Kwak An Arena Simulation Model for the Multiple Activity Chart
  504 Sakkarin Choodoung and Uttapol Smutkupt Strategic Alliance for Rice Market by Nash Equilibrium Strategies in Non-Zero Sum Game
    505 Sakkarin Choodoung, Amonrat Chumphoo, Rattana Attapoomsuwan and Athakorn Kengpol Study of Factors in Purchasing Compressed Bamboo Furniture
    506 Suwattanarwong phanphet , Sermkiat Jomjunyong, Sakkarin Choodoung and Athakorn kengpol Green Product Life Cycle Management (Green-PLM) in Bamboo Furniture
    507   Sakkarin Choodoung, Athakorn Kengpol and Amonrat Chumphoo   Test of Meal Furniture Set Made by Pressly Bended Bamboo using the BIFMA’s Standard
18:00-20:30 Banquet  (Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura)    
Dec. 16            
08:30-12:00 Industrial Visit    
  Applying the best paper award
  Applying the best student paper award